Privacy Policy Muber Global


Muber Notice of Privacy Practices (“Privacy Notice”)

Muber will protect the privacy of my health information and will not use or disclose it except as permitted by law. Muber’s privacy policies are more fully described in the Privacy Notice, which is available for review and download here: By signing this Consent, I acknowledge receipt of the Privacy Notice and consent to Muber’s use and disclosure of my health information in accordance with its terms. I understand that all existing confidentiality protections that apply to in-person treatment apply to telehealth services. I further understand and agree that Muber may retain my personal health information for any purpose analogous to its privacy policy.

I may revoke consent by sending written notice as required by the Privacy Notice. Revocation will be effective upon receipt, except to the extent that Muber has already taken action in reliance on my consent. After revocation, I will not be eligible to make any claims arising from the period completed before revocation.